The Party

The Party


The Socialist Movement for Integration was formed in September 2004 as a Social Democratic Party.  Our party was formed out of the desire for more openness and inclusivity in Albanian politics.  This is demonstrated through the democratic process within LSI by using the one person, one vote system for electing our party leadership.  In October 2013, Ilir Meta was re-elected the party’s leader through this method.
In July 2005, the youth of Albania helped LSI win five seats in the Parliament.  In the 2009, LSI, again because of the Albanian youth, won four seats and was the determining party in forming the government.  LSI allied with the Democratic Party in order to avoid a constitutional crisis and is well positioned to maintain the role of kingmaker in future elections. 


About us

The Socialist Movement for Integration is committed to moving Albania forward faster.  Faster to European integration, faster to economic development, faster to more opportunities for youth and women, and faster to high living standards for all Albanians.  We are committed to working with all political parties to end the political conflicts and work in the spirit of cooperation to move Albania forward faster.
And why can LSI move Albania forward faster?  Because we are a party of youth.  Most of our members are young, with energy, that believes with hard work and determination we can bring Albania together.



Albania is making progress, but we need to move forward faster.  Although we have protected hundreds of thousands of jobs, increased domestic agricultural production, brought modern equipment to our hospitals, and moved closer to EU integration, we are not satisfied.  We want to do more to move Albania forward.  We want to create more good paying jobs, more opportunities for our youth and women, and move faster into the EU.
LSI is committed to putting aside our differences and working with all parties to create more jobs and raise the standard of living for all Albanians.  Only when we all move forward can our country move forward.