President of the Freedom Party, Mr. Ilir Meta makes his divorce decision public

President of the Freedom Party, Mr. Ilir Meta makes his divorce decision public

You are already familiar with my decision to divorce, the most difficult one I have taken in my life, but it is an objective decision, and it is neither accidental nor momentary.
It is motivated by irreconcilable divisions, which are related to the great causes that I defend, and which are ethical for Albania and Albanians, today and forever.
Our relation has suffered a severe crisis since her decision as chairperson of LSI, to burn 19 mandates, which were obtained with many sacrifices and blood and in
an open battle against the large anti-LSI and anti- Meta coalition of May 17, of Parent 1 and Parent 2.

Her continous and systematic positions, completely on the opposite side of the causes I advocate, which create confusion and uncertainty in the general public, should come to an end.
And my decision puts an end to any ambiguity, dilemma and unnecessary continuous stress.

I comprehend everyone’s emotional reaction. But it should be very clear that my public responsibilities are very extensive, and my contributions are related to the contribution and sacrifices of hundreds, thousands of people who have believed in Ilir Meta.

My decisions should always comply with great clarity, to the fulfillment of great causes, and the realization of these very serious public responsibilities.
This decision of mine is not related to the role and relation with her as a wife, or as the mother of our 3 wonderful children.
I’m not breaking up with a woman, for another woman, but to fulfill the causes that I defend, and for which this relationship has turned into a serious obstacle.
I deeply apologize to my three wonderful children for the troubles they have unjustly experienced.

I apologize to all my relatives and especially to my two wonderful parents, who have educated me with a sense of duty, and thus, I believe in their understanding.
I made this decision to continue until the very end the battle with the mafia, which has hostage-taking and blackmail in its darkest and most dirty nature.
The mafia has violated not only the sovereignty and our Constitution, but also our traditional norms, which are very ancient, and which have kept us together as a people and as a nation, even when we did not have a state and a Constitution.

National interest has prevailed in all my political and human investment for 34 years, over the personal or family interest.
My entire political life has been dedicated to the European integration of Albania, since the Student Movement of the 90’s, until the moment, when as the President of the Republic in office, I was threatened, in the name of the international mafia and on behalf of Edi Rama , to accept the forgeries of the mercenary Dvorani, with the aim of accepting the oath at the notary office at Lana river, resulting in the kidnapping of the Constitutional Court, the most important institution of this country, and any real democracy.

From that moment, I dedicated myself to the restoration of national sovereignty and the ideals of the people of March 2, to which I will remain loyal, even posthumously.

We will win this battle against the international mafia, and local mercenaries.

In the Republic of Albania, sovereignty will belong to the people, as Article 2 of the Constitution of the Republic clearly states.

Thank you!