Political Agreement for Coalition Government Between Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration Party

Political Agreement for Coalition Government Between Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration Party

Political Agreement for Coalition Government Between Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration Party

Assessing with high political responsibility the result of general elections of June 28 2009 and the need to create a stable government to the nation’s interests with representatives of a wide Albanian political spectrum from both the right and the left;

With the conviction that economic and political situation in the country evokes avoidance of crisis that harms the stability and integration of the country;

With mutual understanding to engage and realize a real reformation process of our institutional and electoral system to consolidate the democracy and the rule of law;

With absolute responsibility and priority to realize national obligations and duties to accelerate the European Integration Process in particular to realize the free movement of citizens and to gain the status of candidate country for EU membership.

To positively influence in national harmony smoothing of political and social polarization that has resulted from prolonged conflictual politics;

To realize good-governance in favor of all Albanian voters both of the right and the left;

Committed to implement the national priorities that are clearly stated in the political programs of the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration;

The Democratic Party and Socialist Movement for Integration


To create together “The Government of European Integration”

by agreeing upon:

Creating a joint government program for the years 2009-2013 to realize mutual objectives that aim at:

Accelerating the EU integration process of the country by carrying out all the necessary reforms that brings immediate results in regard to the free movement of citizens and gaining the status of candidate country for EU membership;

Reforming the Electoral Code with the purpose of eliminating any discrimination that harms the equality and fairness in the political competition;
Consolidating the rule of law the quality and applicability of laws;

Zero tolerance war against organized crime;

Zero tolerance war against corruption; and enhancing governance transparency;

Independence of judicial system at all levels;

A sustainable and green development by changing the economic structure of the country in order to transform it into a powerful producing economy and by sustaining the macroeconomic stability;

Realizing fiscal and economic policies and incentives to guarantee opening of more than 160 thousands new jobs;

Improving public services in particular in the health and education sectors;

Approving the law “Caring for the Third Age” as proposed by LSI.

Reforming and implementing policies against poverty in order to erase completely the extreme poverty that is expressed in inability to cover the minimum costs of living;

Creating better business climate for domestic and foreign companies in particular for SME-s focusing on job creation and production growth;

Strengthening the role of Albania in the international arena with the focus on the national interests integration security and peace;

For the fulfillment of these objectives the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration agree that the representation in governance of Socialist Movement for Integration must be at the level of 20% of all the government bodies and governmental structures in respect to the law on “The Status of the Civil Servant”.

1. Representation in Government will be at the level of (1) Vice – Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs; (2) Minister of Economy Commerce and Energy; (3) Minister of Health.

2. Representation in the Parliament will be at the level of Deputy-Speaker.

3. Representation at all other levels of governance executive and administrative positions as well as the other levels of local and central power will be 20 percent.

The Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration agree that in order to create the convergence of important political positions in government and Parliament the parties shall undertake consultation and coordination of these positions between heads of the parties or respective authorized representatives.

The Program of the Government after earning approval in Parliament will act as a leading compass to the coalition. For specific problems that might be encountered the solution must be a product of consensus between the respective leaders of DP and LSI. Of distinct importance is considered the consensus in the Parliament voting that request a qualified majority or voting that is important to the reforms of the coalition program. Also it is important the consensus on the state budget its invoices and policies as well as the attached list of investments. The consensus is necessary for the nomination in the constitutional institutions or other subordinate institutions to the Parliament.

The Government Coalition for the European Integration as a long term alliance will enter jointly in the local elections of 2011. A special agreement will be realized for the local elections of 2011.

The coalition will realize the election of the President of the Republic according to the consensus DP-LSI.

Any change to the agreement ought to be done with consensus and as a result followed by a written amendment signed by both leaders of DP and SMI. The leaders have the right to authorize a representative for its implementation in all levels of governance as well as its updating according to the governmental developments.

The representation in the executive power in the central and local level will be accomplished within the 30-th of October.

This agreement is bonded and is effective for the duration of 4 years of mandate of this Parliamentary legislature.

For the Democratic Party                                      For the Social Movement for Integration



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Sali BERISHA                                                                                Ilir META


Tirana on September 2 2009