Meta: Albanians today need more love and respect for each other

Meta: Albanians today need more love and respect for each other

news-story-3Meta celebrates Gjirokastra Antigone Summer Day

Over three new mice and LRI’s new district of Gjirokastra.

Meta: City Antigonea city created out of love.

Meta: Albanians today need more love and respect for each other

Meta: Policy should be more dialogue to understand

Meta: Assess consensus Administrative Court

Meta: You must be reached in time, but better late than later

President of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Mr. Ilir Meta accompanied by MP Vangjel Tavo, is celebrating today “Summer Day” at an event held by Youth Movement for Integration Antigone Gjirokastra. Over three mice youngsters from across the district of Gjirokastra, jointly celebrated the day of “Summer Day” in a more festive atmosphere and enthusiastic.

Considering historical ancient city of Antigonea, z. Meta expressed pleasure at being here to celebrate “Summer Day”, already a national holiday for all Albanians.

This visit here and the history of the ancient city itself of Antigonea, said Mr.. Meta, and an important message today on the day of the summer. This is a city created out of love and we need as much history, love for each other, love for our history, love for our country because they motivate us to move forward on the path of progress, these motivate us to build a Bangladesh more beautiful and happier for everyone and for our children.

“Of course, on this summer day, this tradition has already been established here in Antigone I want to wish you all: Happy Summer Day, in particular all the young men and women who are here and who were also initiators of this wonderful organization but also for all citizens to participate, all residents of the area, local authorities and I am sure that year after year this holiday will become even greater because this is a big city , a city which would reveal more and more Albanians but also foreigners, “said Mr.. Meta.

Will be an important part of your pride and the pride of all of us. Happy, prosperity and happiness for all citizens of Gjirokastra. In particular thank my colleague, the MP of the area, Mr. Tavo and all the young people who invited me to be here Summer Day today.

Pronunciation of z. Meta media present at the meeting Antigonea

Mr. Meta judge the latest political developments?

Political developments also require more love, but if it would be difficult, at least the dialogue is not possible, in order for Albania to throw it open, which should have thrown 2-3 years, making candidate status because the only problem has been the lack of political dialogue and some reforms that are based on this dialogue, as in other criteria, Albania has fulfilled all those requirements that are set by the European Commission.

From which side is this lack of dialogue, Mr. Meta?

Are not here to find fault. We are here, in this city, which its roots, building his love, while saying that the burning or destruction of hatred. We are here to be ‘given a boost dialogue, but also the love between Albanians.

How do you assess consensus Administrative Court?

Should be reached in time, but better late than later. It is a positive step.