{tab=Moving Forward Faster}

LSI commitment to the coalition government was a responsible choice for innovation and cooperation within Albanian politics that brought political stability and respect for constitutional institutions. We entered the government with the goal to accelerate the necessary reforms for Europian integration and move the country forward. Our success with visa liberalization was only a step. 

LSI wants to continue moving forward to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and raise the living standards of our citizens. LSI’s political platform for a Europian Albania aims to reform the government, strengthen the rule of law, improve the distribution of country’s resources and wealth and guarantee a better future for our youth.

LSI is introducing its vision in three main directions.

{tab=Governance and the Rule of Law}

The European Albania is the Albania of the citizens and citizenship. Life in a stable ruling, transparent and safe environment is the main job of each political system. LSI considers the public engagement in politics of great importance. This makes the government more upfront and more acceptable for the public. Our aim is to drive politics in a social support practice.

The relationship between the government people and the citizens needs to be based on trust, law, responsibility, and control and not on the fatality and the change impossibility. LSI guarantees the continuity of each positive product which is produced by the democratic process until today, same as it remains engaged in changing each process which affects the involvement and transparency principles.

The process of the political representation selection remains a cycle which produces crises, so we are very eager to correct this process. The factual equality of the votes of Albanians remains a continues obligation for us.

The main thing for the right representation is that every Albanian, including the emigrants, to accompish the real excercise of the constitutional voting right in all the countries that they live and work.

The European Albania is the Albania of the Law. This requires a new culture of respect of the law and its implementation. In other words this means a judicial safety for each citizen, in a equal, efficient and responsible way, through organizing justice as safe and accessible service to all, and by respecting justice as if it was unchangeable

The European Albania is an efficient government Albania. LSI needs to move faster in order to improve the process of doing politics, the formulation and coordination of politics so that each citizen can gain from it. We will adapt an integrated approach of policies and their affects, not only in section base but in the whole social impact.

The European Albania is Albania of those who work for Europe. LSI will aim for broad consensus approach for each reform which needs the European integration process. The reforms and laws that are requests of this process will not be an object treatment from different party angles. 

Necessity constitutes the consolidation of the civil service and high professionalization of public administration, which will be a vital factor in preparation of Albania to enter the European Union.

Europan Albania requires a justice system through which it can guarantee any fundamental right for Albanians. This vision will be possible by applying the basic principles of the Law is the property of the citizens, the implementation is an obligation of the state, that No law is good if it does not apply, that any violation of the law must be punished.

For LSI the European Albania is Albania which serves its citizens, guarantees their life security and their activities.

Institutions and law will guarantee free and fair competition of enterprises entrepreneurs.

{tab=Sustainable and Green Development}

The European Albanian is the Developed Albania with Green and sustainable growth. 

Full and qualitative employment remains our major objective. Economic growth will aim primarily full employment, qualitative public services and a more equitable and quantitative distribution of the created goods. The incentive business policies (especially in the agribusiness sector as the sector with the highest employment potential) will bring as final result employment growth:

The fiscal incentive for creation of new jobs includes tax cuts on incomes created by capital and labour, especially in the poorest areas, where these incentives will be focused. The industry of the active processing imports will continue to be supported by boosting the production of raw materials in the country, completing the production cycle and creating of Albanian brands.

(Income tax will be abolished for salaries to 25,000 ALL; for salaries from 25.000 to 40.000 ALL will be 10 per cent for the portion over 25,000 ALL, for salaries over 40,000 ALL will be applied 10% on the entire payment.

VAT will be reduced from 20 to 17%.  VAT for staple will be reduced to 10%.

Support for agriculture will make up 2% of GDP.

The European Albania is an Albania with a co
mpetitive economy
and with its sectors of the competitive advantage.

The country needs to improve the economic growth model for a prioritized development of the economy, based on a mix of branches with the potential to guarantee employment development that focuses on increasing of the domestic production and productivity, which aim to ensure economic efficiency and social cohesion that go together.

We will guide private investment in sectors with “high added value ” in energetic (where the completion of TAP project is of vital importance) mineral sector (processing and enrichment), tourism (mix between sea and sand tourism, mountain tourism, cultural and agro-tourism), agriculture (agro-processing) through attracting foreign investors, who will be supported by a new information and service system that goes down to the local level where investment will be realized. The attraction of foreign investors by offering them concrete projects in strategic sectors, that can be implemented, is of fundamental importance.

Will be widely applied models of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) where the private sector takes greater responsibility and provides quality services in strategic branches of the economy.

In the financial system we will create the non-banking sector (capital markets). Very important is the establishment of a Public Bank, the commitment of public savings, especially for investments in sectors such as energy, mining, tourism and agriculture.

The improvement of food quality and safety standards, the development and operation of the national system of quality and integrated management of basic agricultural products and processed agricultural products in order to create quality national brands and to increase the number of livestock, and the development of the fisheries, are key priorities in the agriculture sector. In the agriculture sector will be interlaced the support of the inputs to that of the unit production, focusing on boosting of  processing industry.

The European Albania is a green Albania that puts the environment as an important factor of development, especially the development of the branches with big growth potential as agriculture and tourism. Environment is a national asset whose pure heritage is an obligation to the younger generation, and that engages the national effort to preserve it.

Essential for a sustainable green development in Albania is the management and control of the territory, which will guarantee a balanced and rigorous utilization.

The green development aims at the preservation of land, air and water. Protection of soil from erosion and pollution will be a political priority. The integrated use of a very important asset such as water – for energy, irrigation and for  consumption of the population – will constitute an incredible potential development of the country.

The European Albania is an Albania of free private enterprises. The success of private entrepreneurship lies in the enjoyment and use of property by the Albanian who owns it. Therefore, the granting of property titles and guarantying of  the  property ownership by any lawful owner are the foundation of the development of the country.

 {tab=Better Future}

Guarantee a Better Future for Our Youth and Services for Our Citizens


Our image of the future finds synchronization between the economic and social value, which means a new balance between economic efficiency and social cohesion.

The creation of high economic values goes together with a substantial concentration of investments in social values, investments that directly affect the growth of economic values.

European Albania requires from the youth today to be a major contributor to the country’s integration into the EU. This requires education of a generation of European mentality and professionalism.

Generating higher economic values ​​associated with a substantial concentration of investments in social values, investments, which in turn, directly affect the growth of economic values.

European Albania requires from the youth today to be a major contributor to the country’s integration into the EU. This requires education of a generation of European mentality and professionalism. 

Investment in human capital is the most rentable investment of any society. The starting point for a new definition of Europe is to be found in the foundations of labor, education and health.

Increasing the quality of education and particularly of the vocational education in order to enable the young people to entree the labor market, is a major priority and an important condition for preparing the labor force for integration in Europe. 

LSI aims to construct a unified strategy for education, which is bringing together the sector of education as a whole, which harmonized all cycles of education, from preschool to postgraduate system. On the other hand, this strategy harmonized with the medium and long term development of Albania’s integration into regional and European market.

For LSI education system needs to be serving the science research for economic development, to increase the production and productivity, and strengthen competitiveness, which will achieve a coordination of mutual support among the business community and professional educational institutions, especially those of higher education.

For LSI European Albania requires the creation of professional quality work. Our policies aim qualitative employment, quality of occupational certification and protection of the rights of the employees in this market.

Albania should be a safe place for life, health, education and the work of each individual.

ropean Albania is Albania of social solidarity,
where the contribution for society is understood as a contribution for each individual.

European attendance means an organized and systematic care to serve the Albanian citizens regardless of where they live, the strengthening of relations with the earth mother in terms of culture, language, the contribution of benefits for which the new Albanian migration has contributed before leaving abroad country.

Family is the home where the solidarity and social responsibility be formed. Strengthening the role of women in family and society is the key to consolidating the values ​​of patriotism, work, solidarity, civic engagement, respect gender equality, is a family that serves society and its progress.

Equal participation of women in quotation of political representation, is the main objective for the European Albania. Business incentive programs will focus on women and young people, especially those engaged in the agricultural sector, to reduce the average age of farmers.

For LSI European Albania is Albania of a good health and safe for citizens, as well as a health care system that provides quality health care from children to the elderly, which guarantees low mortality of mothers and newborns, providing hospitals with modern equipment across the country to establish safe and rapid diagnosis, which guarantees a child vaccination system to a European level, which guarantees a medical emergency system that is close to the citizen at any time, which guarantees safer medications for the citizens.